Today I participated as a judge in the BABBS annual beer comp. I judged the American Pale Ales and American Imperial Pale Ales. I co-judged the class with David Clarke of Toybox Brewery fame. One of the Imperial Pale Ales that we scored over 45 points for on the BJCP scale also took out the Best in Show.

Seeing as wed sampled 6 Pale Ales and 12 Imperial pale Ales during the judging for an approximate volume in total of 2 Pints of beer over a 4 hour period, we felt we needed some more drinks and went off to the Archive Beer Boutique at West End as they were having their Porter and Stout weekend. All of their draught beer taps had a different product on. The highlights for me were the Sunshine Coast Brewery Porter, Bacchus Brewing London Porter, Red Duck Porter and Renaissance Chocolate Stout.


And finally my Christmas bonus turned up.

Mash Tun

It's a mash tun from Beerbelly. From their spiel: Insulated Stainless Mash Vessels, Constructed from commercial quality stainless cookware, Removable perforated stainless false bottom with solid stainless pickup tube, Insulated with 13mm Airflex nitrile rubber, closed cell (no moisture absorption)insulation sheet, welded socket thermometer port with bi-metal dial thermometer, welded outlet socket fitted with ball valve and hosetail, adjustable height liquor return dish in tun, all stainless fittings construction, Ready to use.

I ordered this before Christmas, taking advantage of my bonus to make such an expensive purchase, but due to misfortune at the Beerbelly facility, it was delayed while Wayne undertook some surgery and rehab. Either way, it's now here, and I can't wait for the weekend to fire up the brewery and see how good it is at holding temp for an hours mash.

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