Also Managed to win a Vampire tema on eBay, just waiting for it to be delivered.


And the collection is complete. The Orange NAF dice turned up in the mail today.

And hereís the complete set:

Now to concentrate on other areas of life that donít involve spending money, like the repairs to the downstairs part of the house.


Yesterday my latest selection of dice turned up from overseas. I now have a set of Dark Blue NAF dice, leaving me just some orange ones and the rare black ones to be obtained.


I played in the Brisbowl Blood Bowl Tournament over the weekend. It was run by Thump With Club Events at The Brook Hotel in Mitchelton. Though the number of participants was low, it was great to get five games in over the weekend with my Skaven team, The Ninjas from Below. I won four games vs Orcs, Norse, Lizards and Orcs, lost one against Norse and came 2nd overall. The trophy is cool and from the grab bag of prizes I scored the full set of special play cards. And to top off the weekend, my donation to the raffle scored a full 11 man Wood Elf Team from Gaspez Arts, painted by Adam Norris.


Yesterdays mail held my latest gaming acquisition, a set of Green dice for Blood Bowl.

I knew they were always going to be hard to read due to the red on green symbols, but I didn't expect them to be that bad. I know that this years set of NAF dice, which I am picking up at the next tournament, Brisbowl, are also a set of green dice, but these ones are fluoro green in colour.


Books, we love our books, as can be seen here:


Through WargamerAU I've been introduced to the Dresden Files series of books written by Jim Butcher. They were recently re-released with new covers and were found to be very expensive at the local Bookstores. Even my preferred online book supplier, Booktopia were pricing them higher than in the retail stores. So I hit up The Book Depository in the UK and sourced the full series in the new covers for under half the price. Due to the prices being so good, we expanded our order and picked up the full set of releases from Karin Slaughter and a couple of Kevin McCloud's books relating to Grand Designs. The whole lot turned up over two days in a lot of little individual packages.

New Books


The Undead team members for Blood Bowl are slowly making their way to my letter box. Recently I have had the Wilhelm Chaney model purchased on ebay, the second Wight and 2 mummies from Willy Miniatures arrive in the last week. It's just a matter of chasing down some Ghouls and Zombies, and I prefer the ones that Heresy Miniatures produce, and as luck would have it they're having a sale at the moment. So I've placed an order and hope to see them in about a week or so.

On a non gaming related model train of thought, I read Tabletop gaming News irregularly, but happened on a number of cool figures recently that I had to pick up. First lot was a trio of scientists from Crooked Dice, that'll continue my fleeting interest in scientist models due to my own experience as a Micriobiologist. They also produce some figures with an uncanny resemblance to certain Doctor Who characters, so I grabbed some of them as well. And finally Steve Buddle, who's been producing miniatures on and off for a number of years, and I have many of his older sculpts, is back producing again under the Spyglass Miniatures name. I picked up his most recent sculpt, Monk, and also picked up three of his older ones that he still had in stock, Barnaby, Lilith and Kaylee.


The recent purchases of NAF Blood Bowl dice turned up yesterday and today.

NAF Dice

Kin delivered my Feldherr figure case and the two Flesh Golems from Mano di Porco last night, just before he smashed the Drakwald Destroyers off the pitch in the Grand Final of Season 3 of the Hotgoblin League.

Case and Golems


So, The Big Bangers. They are my team for Season 4 of the HOTGOBLIN league. The Big Bangers are Amazons, based on the female characters of television show, The Big Bang Theory. Due to the low armour value (7) of the team, I decided the starting $1 million needed to not only include a starting 11 players, but an apothecary as well, to cover for that inevitable injury in the first game that would put me on the back foot for the rest of the season.

The starting line up for The Big Bangers is as follows:

  1. Lalita Gupta, Amazon Linewoman
  2. Priya Koothrappali, Amazon Linewoman
  3. Dr Stephanie Barnett, Amazon Linewoman
  4. Amy Farrah Fowler, Amazon Linewoman
  5. Dr Leslie Winkle, Amazon Linewoman
  6. Penny, Amazon Thrower
  7. Bernadette Rostenkowski, Amazon Catcher
  8. Mrs Koothrappali, Amazon Blitzer
  9. Mrs Wolowitz, Amazon Blitzer
  10. Mrs Mary Cooper, Amazon Blitzer
  11. Dr Beverley Hofstadter, Amazon Blitzer

Additions to the team at startup are the aforementioned Apothecary, and 4 rerolls. The keen eyed will notice a gap in the numbers between the Linewomen and the Thrower. The aim is to have a team of 13 players, and at the moment I'm tossing up between having a couple more Linewomen, or an extra Catcher and/or Thrower. Either way I don't want to fill out the Team Roster completely with Amazonians, as I wish to take advantage of the inducement variation between The Big Bangers and the opposing team and hire in some Star Players. I have already picked up the Human player wielding the chainsaw, Max Spleenripper:

Max Spleenripper

and Zara the Slayer:


And dependant on how well the season goes, I may have to track down myself a Morg 'n' Thorg model, for some delightful S6 action.


Had a game of Blood Bowl vs JJ from Worlds End Radio last night. He ran an Orc team, and I, a Chaos team. I fumbled and GFI'd my way to a 1 nil loss. It was a practice match for JJ for the Sandgroper Cup that is being held this weekend in Perth. I found the restrictions in place on the team make it really hard to get past the usual stuff ups that can happen in a game, but we were both playing as a starting team with just 4 skill ups across and a total value of $1.2 million. Best of luck to the players this weekend.

I woke up this morning to find that the late night bids I'd placed on ebay had netted me another set of Blood Bowl Block Dice, this time it was some Yellow ones.

Yellow NAF Dice

Not sure what team I will be using these for, but it's fulfilling my urges as a collector.


Picked up some new dice for Blood Bowl online today. Two sets of NAF Block dice, one pink, one purple.

Pink NAF Dice

Plan is for them to be used in the next season of HOTGOBLIN for my Amazon Team, The Big Bangers.

Aso, looks like the Semi Finals have been delayed for Season 3 of HOTGOBLIN, so it'll be a little bit longer before I can retire the Drakwald Destroyers.


Went along to check out the Khador Krunch Warmachine event at The Blind Pig today. While I was there I managed a game of Warmachine with Big Al, him using Khador lead by the Old Witch and I using Merc Pirates led by Bart. Managed to knock a shed load of points of the old biddy, but failed to get my focus allocation right, so lost the jack doing the damage, and also Bart. Was good to play another Warmachine game, been a while since Cokey smashed me with his Mittens.

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