Reaper Miniatures Melisande Wavecutter

How I went about painting her.




A step by step procedure


Mold lines were removed. A custom base made from a blank Dark Age base and wooden palings from a HO scale Atlas kit was made.


I started with a thin layer of VMC Cork Brown

1st layer Cork Brown

A second layer of VMC Cork Brown was then added to provide a constant colour

2nd layer Cork Brown

The eyes were then filled in with VMC White and a circle of VMC Dark Prussian Blue was added as a pupil to each eye. They look huge, but that's the size they are modelled on the figure.


A layer of VMC Dark Flesh was then added to the cheek bone areas, forehead, eye lids, chin, nose, neck, chest and breasts i.e. the areas which stick out more and catch the light. I left a ring of VMC Cork Brown around the eyes.

1st layer Dark Flesh

A layer of VMC Sunny Skintone was then used to pick out and further highlight these areas. This layer really helped to pick out the tip of the nose, cheeks, neck and chest areas when compared to the previous picture.

1st layer Sunny Skintone Flesh

A thin layer of VMC Light Flesh was then used as a final highlight.

1st layer Light Flesh

The lips were picked out with VMC Rose, and a little highlight point was added with a small drop of VMC white in the centre of the bottom lip.


And the final picture of the skin completed so far

All skin done


I have decided that Meliandra needs to have flaming red hair with golden highlights.