Was sitting in front of the TV tonight, cruising the web and drinking a Birra Internationale Imper Ale Ubi Rossa (an Italian take of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale) and I visited the Beermasons website. It’s been a while since I had visited that site, and seeing as I was in an amicable mood, I signed up and paid for the starter tasting set of beers. Not sure how long it’ll be until they turn up, but I hope it’s not too long, as there’s some cracker beers in there.


Placed an order with Brewers Hardware in the US today for a 6" thermowell to add to my Woodburn HLT.

6 inch Thermowell

Due to the temperature control on the Woodburn being next to useless, from 4 to 4.5 on the dial the temp jumps 50+ degrees, I have to resort to controlling the temperature in it with my Fridgemate. I’ll stick the thermowell through the side of the Woodburn and make sure it is sealed correctly so no hot water can leak out, and then stick the probe from the Fridgemate into the thermowell. That should then give me much better control over the water temperature in the HLT, which brings me one step closer to brewing a beer.

17 SEP11

Final day of QABC judging today.

I scored a class with just 14 beers, turns out it was the Belgians, so I needed to sip lightly so I could stay under the limit. I judged the class with Tony Brown who took advantage of the fact he didn’t have to drive and sampled heavily of all the beers, which made for an entertaining session. We didn’t have a dud beer in the class, they were all great, my preference for this style are the Dubbels and the Dark Stong Ales. The highlight was a Dark Strong Ale that took out Champion Beer. It was delightful.


Backed up for some more beer judging today. Highlight was a Rauchbeer that ticked every box.

Unfortunately there weren’t enough judges, some poor buggers were sick, so I’ll have to back up again next Sunday and get through the last class, hopefully it’s a small one, as I’ll need to drive.


Spent this arvo drinking a few beers as a judge of the Queensland Amateur Beer Championships. Unfortunately I’ll have to do some more tomorrow.

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